Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back to Black Point Drive

2010 Florida posts continued....

What a week I've had! After coming home from Traverse City a day early thanks to a snow storm, I spent last week finishing up prep work for a show, set up the booth on Tuesday, wrote and gave a presentation Wednesday, and then sat at the show from Thursday through Sunday. Monday and Tuesday (yesterday) were spent catching up on all the work that did not get done thanks to the show. Whew!

As a result of all that I don't have anything "new" to post, so will go back to Florida and try to get through my last trip there before I go down again this year!

As I came towards the end of the Black Point Wildlife Drive in the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, I saw several waterfowl, including this pair of Hooded mergansers.

Another pair of ducks appeared soon after, this time Northern shovelers. They look deceivingly like mallards, until you notice their enormous bills.

This pair of Pied-billed grebes swam for the hills as soon as I stopped the car

This large flock of American coots was making a tremendous racket.

As I made my way towards the exit I spotted this rather large gator, sunning itself on a hummock. They always look like their smiling.

After finishing the drive I went over to the visitor's center to use the facilities, have lunch, and walk the nature trail. This wooded area was loaded with birds, some of which I could not get shots of, like a Common yellowthroat, kinglets and several warblers. I did catch this Carolina wren working its way through a palm tree...

...and this Catbird kicking through the duff.

But the best shot was of this White-eyed vireo, another first for me. All I knew when I took this photo was that this was an unfamiliar bird. It wasn't until I pulled this up on the big screen did I notice its white eye!

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