Thursday, March 24, 2011

Artwork--"Wave Runners"

I've been a busy girl! Through a head cold and sore throat I managed to get this new piece done after our return from Florida:

"Wave Runners", 5" x 21"

While the images I used for this piece came from last year's Florida trip, I was inspired by this year's trip to get the piece done.

I think that my most favorite thing to do on a beach in Florida is to watch the Sanderlings run in and out with the waves, probing for crustations as the water drains from the beach. I have yet to see one get caught up in a wave, and they rarely even get their feet wet. They speed along the beach, ususally in small groups but sometimes singly, their stout legs a blur. I could watch them for hours. As a matter of fact, I think I have!


  1. Marie...this is awesome!!! You've totally captured their busy little natures. I love those running legs!! I have some Sanderling paintings brewing in my head too. They are so darn cute you just have to draw them.

  2. I remember the pics you posted last year. You really, really captured the busy little "bees" - love it!

  3. I just returned from the Gulf Coast and very much miss the shore birds and particularly the sanderlings that often accompany me when I jog on the beach. Your painting help me to hold these precious birds in my memory. Thank you.
    Jim Crowfoot