Friday, March 4, 2011


Florida 2010 posts continued....

After my short walk at the nature center (where I missed a painted bunting at their feeder by less than five minutes) I decided to head back out to Black Point Drive and hike the Cruickshank Trail, a five mile loop into the lagoons of the wildlife refuge. By now the light had improved along the drive as the sun moved south, allowing me to get some better photos.

I had mentioned in an earlier post my astonishment at the sheer number of waterfowl at the refuge. I think this image shows that the best.

By now it was early afternoon, and many of the birds seemed to be settling in for a siesta, making viewing much easier. The duck in the background is a Northern pintail, while the pair in front are American wigeons. The group on the hummock contains a mix of both.

While the birds seemed more settled, small squabbles still broke out, like between these skirmishing wigeons. Don't fight kids, you're both pretty!

The Roseate spoonbills were moving about, and I was thrilled to catch this group flying past.

As I neared the trail head I came across this Great blue heron fixated on some tasty morsel in the rocks along road. It stood utterly motionless.

I inched the car forward to get a better shot, and the bird never flinched.

You can see a bit of fluff stuck on the end of its beak, probably from grooming. This bird stood still for so long I got bored and left!

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  1. Such wonderful pictures. The blue heron is so beautiful, and those rose-coloured spoonbills. What a lovely pink in the blue sky. But I love the ducks too.
    It is just so great when you are so close with the camera and the bird stands still.