Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tri-colored Heron

The silences in the marshes of the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge where vast. No quacking ducks, no peeping coots, no wind, no disturbance. The sky was devoid of clouds and the only ripples on the water were made by the birds as they hunted in the shallows.

A Tri-colored heron plied the marsh, looking for lunch.

Down the road a piece we came upon a Great egret. Interesting how the light has passed through its eye, sending out a spark at the bottom.

And this? This is just absurd.


  1. ...I love your Florida posts. I think we were there at the same time. I'll have to look up Merritt Island. We were on the gulf near Ding Darling. The weather was so perfect...unbelievable almost. It was almost painful returning to the Grey Lands of Cincy...I'm really tired of our overcast grey skies! Looking forward to more of your photos...and paintings!!

  2. It's gorgeous how you capture these birds just right, even when they don't want to cooperate. I've heard of Merritt Island but haven't been. It's supposed to be lovely. Hope your family's doing fine!