Saturday, March 26, 2011

Florida Birds Return

Let me start by saying that we had a wonderful trip to Florida last week. The weather was the nicest, most pleasant I've ever experienced there, and we had six consecutive days of it. And then seeing what the weather was doing here in Michigan (cold, cold, and did I mention, it's cold?!?) I really didn't want to come home.

However, I was also looking forward to writing about spring in Michigan, or at least not writing more about Florida for a while. Well...the weather here has not lent itself to growing things, much less to wanting to get outside and see if anything is growing. So back to Florida I go. Not that this is really a hardship.

Our first stop was a return to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. As I had feared, the waters were low and most of the waterfowl were gone. There were still lots of wading birds around, and we spent lots of time enjoying them.

While we watched this diverse group of birds that included a White ibis, a Tri-colored heron, a Snowy egret and a pair of Pied-billed grebes and an unidentified shorebird in the grass, this Snowy egret flew up and strutted past.

The water was like glass, and it seemed as if the bird was standing on a mirror.

Mirror mirror on the wall....

I could have watched for days....

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  1. The strutting egret deserves a frame and a FB page. What a handsome dude!