Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ducks Up North

Lisa and I have made a quick trip up north to drop some work off at Michigan's Gifts and Treasures, a small shop in Interlochen, and stopped to spend the night with some friends in Traverse City. Vern's place is on the West Bay of Grand Traverse Bay and has a great view of the water. The little boat house on the shore is like a small cottage with a bathroom and kitchenette, and a deck around it. I am in love!

The west shore is protected from the prevailing winds, and is a bit swampy.

The bay is open, even in the dead of winter, and there were many ducks, swans and geese hanging about.

Common goldeneye young and old were scattered across the bay.

This Mallard drake surfed this small wave into shore.

Lisa and Karin were ready to head back to the house before I was, but I knew that there was a pot of shrimp Étouffé on the stove, so I followed them back.

I think I've found a good spot to birdwatch!

P.S. I want to thank Vern for his hospitality--we are looking forward to many more visits in the future!


  1. Hey, did you save me some shrimp etouffe? *sighs* Marie, you have no idea how your photos made my day. Workers just finished renovating a bathroom. I needed to feel the calm and found it here. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Kittie. I read about your bathroom woes yesterday--what a mess. I thought you'd like the bit about the etouffe. We had it for dinner Friday and leftovers for lunch Saturday and it was wonderful!

  3. I'm having dickens of a time identifying ducks down here. Elusive creatures on our stock tank. Then today I'm in the field along the creek and scared up four ducks, teals, I think. I like the cottage concept -- very elemental. Jack of Sage to Meadow.