Monday, March 21, 2011

Artwork--"Seeing Red"

We returned from our trip to Florida yesterday afternoon, and while I have yet to sort through this new batch of photos, I wanted to get something posted.

I finished this piece right before we left but didn't have time to shoot it. I needed to get the file set up today so I can use it for a few shows I am entering, so I shot it and set it up this afternoon.

This new piece, titled "Seeing Red", is of a Red-tailed hawk. This particular bird is a member of a falconry club, who bring their birds to CraneFest every year. I got a bunch of shots of this bird, but I wasn't real excited about any of them until I pulled out my little mask and started looking at the images cropped. THEN I got excited!

It's 12" x 6.5", will be framed to 18" x 12.5". Prints will be available.


  1. Holy Cow!!! This is gorgeous!! I love that look...

  2. WOW! I'm totally awed! You're one talented gal!!! (The eyes truly have it! And all that detail work!)

  3. Thanks, ladies. I'm blushing!