Thursday, March 31, 2011

Of Egrets and Grackles

After spending some time watching the young Little blue heron chase down lunch, and after realizing that my neck was on fire from the hot Florida sun, I turned to head back to the van. There, on the other side of the road, against a backdrop of a dead palm frond, was this Snowy egret. The composition took my breath away!

I took several shots until the bird moved past the spiky frond.

We made a pit stop at the Cruikshank trail head to use the bathrooms. There were several people seated in the car next to us, and the back driver's side door was open. Perched upon the car next to them, watching intently as they ate their lunch, was this immature Boat-tailed grackle.

I would have found his stare rather unnerving, if it had been my sandwich he was eyeballing!

After I put the camera away he actually hopped onto the top of the open door. I am pretty sure the person in back gave him a bit of bread for his efforts.


  1. I agree. The egret composition is outstanding. Still water, fronds, egret. The grackle is a friendly bird at our outdoor cafes here in Fort Worth. Kids love to chase after them.

  2. Loved those shots with the spiky plant behind the egret! Fantastic...