Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time off

I am taking a break today and heading out to Belle Isle this morning. The Detroit Audubon Society is getting a group together to go see waterfowl in the Detroit River. They say it's a "hot spot" of bird activity this time of year, and you know how poor I am at identifying them, so this will hopefully good practice. Maybe I'll get a few decent shots to share, too.

I am in the middle of "production hell", that time of year when I spend a week or more building up stock. I've printed and assembled over 250 note cards and over 120 prints, which I still have to mat--that will take me several days. Being in the basement this time of year isn't so bad, however, but it will be nice to take a break.

So hopefully I'll have some new stuff to post, and I promise to finish up the Florida posts before my next trip down south in March!

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