Friday, February 11, 2011

Louis and the Tree Sparrow

I first noticed the tree sparrow two weeks ago. I had gone out on the balcony to fill the feeders and there he was, sitting on the railing, puffed up against the cold. As I approached, he didn't fly away, so studied him for a moment. I looked closely, but didn't see anything obviously wrong.

Over the following weeks it has become clear that he has adopted the balcony as his home. We put our Christmas tree there last month for shelter for the birds, and there are numerous feeders and fresh water, so it is the perfect place for an ailing bird to be.

He moves around just fine, although his flight seems labored, fluttery, and I noticed he has a gap in his feathers under his beak. It could be that he was attacked by something. Notice the dark spot under his eye--that's where he's missing feathers.

As you can imagine, this tiny fluff ball is driving our cat, Louis, out of his mind. Recently, the sparrow has taken to sitting quite close to the door wall (it's been bitterly cold here) and Loius is beside himself. A few days ago the bird was resting on the track for the doors, and Louis was determined to find a way to get at him.

The sparrow was nonplussed, and seemed to study Louis.

Perhaps if I try upside down....


To be continued....


  1. Awwww,poor birdie! Louis is part Russian Blue, right. Our Chena never saw a bird she didn't want to eat. She just didn't get this peace and harmony thing.

  2. I have no idea what Louis is--so many cats these days are just mutts, but I like the Russian Blue theory. He's also polydactyl, so maybe he shares some blood with Hemmingway's cats!

  3. cute! I love the last photo too. The little Tree Sparrow looks right at home.