Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Louis and the Tree Sparrow, pt. 2

Continued from previous post....

Louis tried everything he could think of to get at that little sparrow.

He begged.

He pleaded.

Nothing worked.

He was literally head over heals for the little bird....

I haven't seen the little fellow in a couple of days now. He seemed to be getting around better, and I watched as he flew off with the other birds a few days ago. Thanks to the warmer weather the feeders have been very quiet--I imagine the birds are out looking for emerging insects, their preferred source of protein. It will stay pretty quiet until the migrants return and hit the feeders hard, replenishing after their long journey.

I wonder if this little sparrow will return, and if I'll recognize him if he does. It's funny, the bond that can form between a person and an animal when that animal seemingly lacks fear and allows for fairly close interaction. I wish him well.

Louis just wishes he was dinner....


  1. Know how you feel. When we were in Hawaii, this little bird used to wake me up in the a.m. Chena, who slept with me, didn't like being distrubed. She ate the little fellar! (It's a jungle out there is really true.)

  2. Oh my gosh...your kitty is so cute trying to get to the sparrow!