Friday, April 8, 2011


We left the beach after about an hour--we had gone so that I could put my toes in the water, we didn't even have our suits. We decided to take a long-cut down a dirt road that lead to the Bio-station. It was in pretty bad shape, and we bounced along, looking for more birds. We didn't see a whole lot of anything new, but we did spot a good sized alligator sunning itself on the far side of a canal that flowed along the roadside.

That is exactly were gators should be.

We piled out of the van and stood gawking. I can't imagine what the gator thought of this behavior. I snapped away, focusing first on its head (look at those spikes on its back!)...

then on its back leg...

...and tail. I understand gator tail is quite tasty. Not that I have any desire to catch a gator.

Anyone who thinks the dinosaurs are extinct has never looked this closely at an alligator. I am not sure what that slit behind its eye is, but I assume it's an ear.

Smile pretty for the camera, Dear!

Good gator....

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