Saturday, April 23, 2011

Artwork--"Gone Fishin'"

This latest piece was quite an undertaking. If you follow Bear Track Studios on Facebook (hint, hint) you have seen the progression of it from inked outline to finished product. This is a big piece--over two feet tall--and took nearly three weeks to complete.

The images of this brown bear came from a trip I made several years ago to North Carolina and the zoo in Asheboro. While I have seen a handful of bears in the wild they were at quite a distance, and frankly, that's OK with me! This handsome fellow had been swimming so his fur was wet and clumping. I love the depth in this piece, and feel that my style has really emerged.

I am now on to some new birds, first a Blue Jay and then a Baltimore Oriole. After that? Maybe a gray wolf....

1 comment:

  1. I like him. But I really like "Noatuck" probably because he reminds me of the Kaiser Porcelain set of hawks I have from when I met Mr.Kaiser in Canada. Nice work.And the purple coneflower pic pops, awesome!