Monday, December 6, 2010


In my humble opinion, there is no greater sight on a cold, blustery winter day than that of the male Northern cardinal.

Bright and showy, he lights up the dull afternoons like a beacon in a storm.

Not an easy subject to draw, he too, like his female companion, has his subtleties, and is not solid red like so many artists like to depict him. His bright red feathers are tipped with a purplish-gray, more or less pronounced depending on how the light strikes him.

I wonder what they are thinking, as they raise and lower their crests.

This fellow was having a bad hair day. When I first saw him I assumed the feather was attached but bent. Not until I saw the images did I realize that this feather is not attached at the shaft, but stuck to his head in some other manner. Notice the gray at the base of the feather.

Such beautiful boys, they bring joy to chill winter days.

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