Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh, the First Snowfall of the Winter....

Ah, snow. I know, I know, many of you think I'm nuts, but I just love the snow. Images of snow-covered cowboys on their horses with mountains looming in the background make me giddy. Pines drooping with wet snow, snow-lined rivers, snow falling on cedars.... You get the idea.

I dragged out an old umbrella, my old camera and hung a small camera bag around my neck and ventured out into our first significant snow of the season. It was coming down hard, and the only way to keep the camera dry was to use an umbrella.

When it began to snow early this morning it was still slightly above freezing, and there was not a breath of wind, so the snow had piled high on every stable surface.

The thick snow obscured the horizon.

Jackson, our 10 year old Sheppard mix, kept me company. A loyal and obedient companion, he loves the snow as much as I do.

We ventured up the hill and into the pines that had so far kept the snow at bay. Jackson studied the woodpile, sniffing and listening intently to some small creature moving around underneath.

The space under this big white pine always feels safe and warm.

The wind is picking up now, knocking the snow off the trees. Glad I went out earlier to enjoy it, as the winds will continue to pick up, 30 mph or more, and by tomorrow we'll have highs in the mid-teens. I love winter, but I do have my limits!


  1. Yes, Jackson loves the snow. I would venture out in the snow, too. I like the last photo you took, showing the dusting of snow.

  2. Thanks, Jack. I like the colors, orange needles in the bottom left, green needles in the upper right.

  3. It is snowing like crazy right now...has been since 3:30. It's absolutely gorgeous. I'm like you. I love the snow. It makes the birds look even prettier. Your snowy images are beautiful.