Friday, December 10, 2010

Peanut Gallery

Many of the visitors to our feeders love peanuts. The nuthatch, Red-bellied woodpecker, chickadee and cardinals all seem to enjoy the treat, that is when they can snatch one away from the Blue jays. But they do manage to sneak in, and this little Tufted titmouse was gracious enough to eat his right there on the feeder so I could see him better.

Having a beak better suited to prying than cracking, he holds the nut with his toes, breaking it apart with quick jabs,

then cleans up the pieces.

Yum--may I have another?!?


  1. Super photos, Marie! You've got the patience of a saint for the little critters do things on their time. Two years ago I began putting out peanuts for the squirrel that lives in the neighbor's tree. I had two choices: squirrel gumbo or peanuts. You see, the little darling dug up and ate 98 of the 100 tulips I planted.

  2. I really like watching titmouse behavior. Fascinating. I've got to record more of their actions.

  3. Thanks, ya'll. Kittie, I used to hand feed the squirrels apple slices when I lived in Ann Arbor. They never dug my bulbs but they would eat the flowers. Out here it's deer that are the biggest problem, they eat everything we plant!

  4. Ack!!!! Sweet, sweet, sweet captures. I just love the little faces and expressions of the Tufted Titmice. These are precious.