Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Old South Woman River

Thursday morning dawned with a thick blanket of fog. We paddled around Crescent Lake for an hour or so, watching mergansers and hoping the fog would lift.

It did not.

So we planned a short hike along the Sand River, not too far from the camp ground. But as we drove up Highway 17 the fog still lay thick, obscuring views and leaving us feeling rather deflated. So we decided to drive up to Wawa, the small town on the north end of the park, in the hopes that when we returned the fog would have lifted. We needed to get gas and to check for a cell signal, both of which were non-existent in the park. Just a few miles down the road the fog lifted, the clouds fell apart and the sun shone at last. I felt like a weight had been lifted.

After filling up the tank but still not finding a cell signal, we headed back into the park and stopped at this beach, a gorgeous sandy expanse to rival any on Lake Michigan.

Karin pointed out the Old Woman in the cliffs along the shore, her head tilted towards the sky. Start at the bottom, where her chin rests just on the surface of the water, to her rounded nose and finally her brow as the cliff flattens out and away from the lake. She even has a cheek bone.

Since it was so pleasant on this end of the park we decided to hike the South Old Woman River trail, an easy loop of a couple miles along this pretty little trout stream.

Easy is a relative term. I know some people who would have trouble with this trail!

At one point the trail passed through the crook of a tree, and this little fellow was napping right where we needed to step. He was not about to move, however, and I was not inclined to get a nip on the thumb, so we worked around him.

The sounds of burbling, splashing water followed us all the way down the trail.

At the far end of the loop the river cascades down a short falls. The air here is cool and damp, a wonderful spot to spend a warm afternoon.

Past the falls the river spreads out into a pool lined with willow and fern. We spent quite some time here, just enjoying this place, the quiet, the solitude.

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