Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crane Play

Hey, I'm bored--wanna play?

Leave me alone kid, ya bother me.

Oh, come on, look at me play-bow!

Look at me dance!

See, we can play with this feather! I'll grab it...

...and fling it through the air!

Wanna try??

Do ya huh?!?

Play with a feather?! ? Phooey!

I much prefer... play with this stick!

Weee!! Woo hoo! Yipee! Yahoo!! I'm gonna getcha!! Ha ha!!

Oh crap, someone's watching!

Just play it cool, kid, and act like nothing happened.


  1. can i just say i love this? cuz i do. a nice glimpse of your silly side :)

  2. That was fun! Great shots of beautiful birds.