Thursday, July 26, 2012

Getting Loony at Seney NWR

 PIRO/Seney continued:

Loons are plentiful at Seney National Wildlife Refuge--it's one of the main reasons we try to stop there every time we're in the U.P.  We timed it well this year--as I mentioned in my last post, there were baby every things everywhere. We saw four different loon families, at various distances from the road. Without my tripod I was really handicapped, but I at least got some shots that I may be able to work from down the road (these images are all cropped).

This is a series of shots of one family whose parents clearly need to brush up on their spacial relations. The chick really struggled with this fish and I don't think it managed to eat it. We saw the same thing happen with another family too.

"Lunch time!"

"Are you serious? I can't eat that!"

"Mom! I don't want fish again!"

"Junior! Where's your lunch?!?"                 "I dropped it under the table and the dog ate it."

These are extraordinary birds and I could watch them for hours. Unfortunately we didn't have hours and had to push on.

There were more loons though, and this pair was even closer than the last.

I've gotta learn how to draw water!

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  1. Loons are incredible birds--gorgeous. Nice photos! I envy you seeing them. I have had loons twice here at a small lake next to my home--they land for a night during migration, What a treat!