Thursday, July 12, 2012

Artwork and Award

Have to get in a quick post before I am back on the road tomorrow morning for a show in Saint Joseph, Michigan. Krasl on the Bluff is a great show, one of the best in Michigan, and I am proud to have been accepted for the second year in a row.

First, a new piece of artwork. Quite a departure for me, this one has very little detail. It's based on some shots I took of Sandhill cranes a few years ago at the Baker Sanctuary in Bellevue when we were there for CraneFest. We are afforded the luxury of camping on site so I got up early and went down to the marsh to watch the cranes. What a sight, watching 8,000--10,000 cranes take to the air in pairs or in large groups. Not the Platte River in Nebraska, perhaps, but still pretty darned awesome.

"Calling the Dawn", colored pencil and ink on artboard, 18 x 34, framed to 24 x 40

Another quick note to pass along, I was honored with an award at the Saugatuck Invitational Waterfront Art Fair on June 30th. Cora Bliss Taylor, for whom the award is named, was an artist and teacher in the Saugatuck area for 50 years, and was instrumental in helping establish Saugatuck as an artists' haven. Thanks to Krista for choosing me for this award, and thanks to Jim and Bonnie for putting on a high quality, well-run show.

Me with Krista Reuter, a judge with very good taste. 


  1. I don't know how you did it, but every time I look at "Calling the Dawn" it appears to be in motion. I think it's the shape and design of the clouds that send the cranes across the paper. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you Matt, you're very kind.