Friday, August 3, 2012

Eyeballed by an Osprey

 PIRO/Seney cont:

We finally left the loons in peace and continued along the drive. But in short order we came upon a snag right on the side of the road with a huge mass of sticks jumbled on top. I peered up at it as we approached and saw a pair of brilliant yellow eyes peering back.

"Stop!" I hollered, and leaned out the passenger-side window. Actually, it's more like I climbed half out the window, twisting and contorting to get the top half of me out the window and the camera up to my head. I'm sure it was quite a scene.

The Osprey was not amused.

"What in the world are you doing?!?"

"Ugh, damn tourists!"

It didn't take her long to get fed up with my voyeurism. After 20 seconds or so she spread her wings while I kept shooting, my arms slowly loosing feeling and my back beginning to kink.

She was facing into a very stiff wind, and without once flapping her wings she lifted up off of the nest.

I struggled to keep her in the frame, hampered by the van door and roof. I'm amazed they're even in focus.

After a few slow wing beats above the nest she turned and was swept past the front of the van, and I could no longer follow.


  1. I love that those eyes of the osprey. That firm look. "Take care you stranger down there, don't get too close to me".
    Such a fine bird of prey. Wonderful photos, I wish I had been so lucky to get close to a bird like this.
    Grethe ´)

    1. Hi Grethe! Yes it was quite a treat. Just wish I could have done better getting her in the frame! I think the Osprey have the most arresting eyes of the raptors--very piercing and intimidating.