Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trillium Gets Pollinated

Back near the marsh in the Brighton State Rec Area where we remove garlic mustard, the trillium are just starting to bloom.  Most of the plants are small yet, but I found this one growing in front of a rotting log, a nice warm sunny spot to get a head start.  I loved the bright white and green against the black and browns of the log so I stopped to take a few shots.

When I looked a little closer I noticed a small bee tucked deep inside among the stamens.

I'd say she's doing her pollinating job very well!


  1. Fine photos. I can see that the little bee is filled with dust from the flower. I wonder if it was able to fly!!
    Grethe ´)

    1. Grethe--I think not! She was cleaning herself up when I left. I wish I had a macro lens for some closer shots but for now this is the best I can do!