Monday, April 30, 2012

Artwork--"Cattail King"

If you've ever wondered why I don't post all that often, this is part of the reason why--I'm actually working!

"Cattail King" Colored pencil and ink on Bristol board, 14" x 7"

This drawing of an Eastern kingbird was made from a bird I watched and photographed last year at one of the lakes in the Brighton Rec Area, perhaps Chenango.  Lori and I were out doing a little birding one spring morning.  I remember there was a family of Hairy woodpeckers in a dead tree near us but the hole was on the marsh side of the tree and I couldn't see them very well.  In any case I noticed this kingbird flitting about catching bugs out over the water so photographed it instead.

This is only my second attempt at doing background and so far I am happy with the results.  For a subject that is more in a scene (versus my more portrait-like pieces) I think I will continue to add background.  Otherwise there's too much white and I feel now that it too stark.

This week we'll be getting ready for our Open House, coming up this weekend on May 5th.  Hopefully I'll have time to start a new piece, but I might not get back to the studio until next week.  Hmmm, what should I do next....

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