Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We had a visitor to the mulberry tree this morning.

A lovely white-tail doe was picking the berries out of the grass, not 30 feet from the house.

I took a few shots through the closed window and screen, then tried to quietly open both. She was having none of it, and walked calmly from the back yard.

This may be the same doe that Lisa and I saw last week out on the trail. She stood her ground on the side of the hill, stamping her foot and snorting at us. Then she walked down the hill, across the lane and into the brush. We looked but did not see a fawn.

I wish she would eat all of that invasive crown vetch but no, she prefers the native plants too--like the purple coneflower out of my garden and the wood anemone along the trail. She sure is pretty, though.

Lori and I are heading up to Traverse City today to meet with folks at the Boardman River Nature Center to talk murals. We are excited about working with them and for the opportunity to put our artwork in their facility. Hoping to get a bit of hiking and bike riding in while we're up there.

Have a wonderful Summer Solstice!

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  1. How beautiful and gracious it is this doe.