Monday, June 20, 2011

The mulberries are ripe.

The tree in the back yard hangs heavy with the fruits. Our wet and cool spring has made for a lot of happy trees, and they all seem to be producing prodigious blooms this year--cherry, crabapple, serviceberry. This red mulberry should be full of birds.

But the birds have been unusually quiet this year, and already the berries are littering the ground. I've seen a handful of robins and a small group of Cedar Waxwings the other day, but other than that there's been little activity.

It has seemed to me all spring that there are fewer birds this year than in the past. The mornings are strangely quiet. We did finally have our House Wren show up, and I thought he and his lady were going to nest in the house on my studio, but I am not sure that they have indeed nested.

We do seem to have a plethora of Common Grackles this year. Their numbers have increased over the past few years, perhaps due to the fact that I put seed out. Now that the mulberry is in full fruit I will cut back on what I put out and make the birds go eat some free food.

This grackle, down in the lane in front of the house, was being harassed by three young ones, who chased it around in circles.

Bring them up here to the mulberry tree, Dad!

Last night as I was coming out of my studio I noticed an odd shape on the wall hanging by the door. I stopped to get a better look. There, perched on the lip of the sun, was a tree frog. I ran to the house for my camera.

Frog got your tongue?

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