Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Warblers

Right off the bat I want to apologise for the crappy quality of these images. Lori and I returned to the creek where Lisa and I had seen the Black-throated blue the day before, and I set up my camera and tripod and watched for movement in the trees on the far bank. But these birds are small, and there seemed always to be branches in the way, and even with a 420mm there's only so much I can do. These images are heavily cropped on top of that, so....

ANYWAY, I caught a pair of Yellow rumped warblers, the male,

and female searching for bugs in the canopy.

I then spotted another bird, got the camera around and began shooting. It was so far away that all I could tell is that it was probably another warbler. Not until I got home did I see that it was a Northern parula, another first for me. Yay!

Note the yellow chin and orange breast.

Hopefully I can get some better shots down the road, although the window for songbird photography is closing. Soon the trees will be completely leafed out and they will be nearly impossible to see.

I did manage a nice shot of a Blue-gray gnatcatcher resting among new maple leaves.

We also found this nest, which Lori later identified as made by a Red-eyed vireo, so we have another bird to watch out for!


  1. Always lovely, Marie! Congrats on some new finds. My neighbor will soon be a granny - a robin sits on eggs in an empty hanging basket (not plastic). They stare at each other quite happily.

  2. We have been meaning for years to put up some nesting ledges for the robins and never seen to get around to it. I do have a wren house on my studio that is occupied each year, although not yet this year.