Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baltimore Oriole

May 10th was a stellar day at Bear Track Studios. Around 10am that morning I caught my annual glimpse of an Indigo bunting. I have seen one, only once, each of the past three years now. I don't know why they don't stay around but am grateful to be able to see one.

That evening, I happened to be sitting in my studio enjoying a little quiet time, and looked up to see an American redstart in the black cherry behind the studio. While I've seen them other places I've never seen one here before so it is a first for BTS.

But the highlight of the day was the pair of Baltimore orioles that showed up at the Humming bird feeder. Lori said she thought she'd heard one the day before but didn't see one. Well, here they were, shipping sugar water from the feeder. We scrambled around and got some grape jelly, hoping to entice them to stay. We found out today that the female uses strips of old milkweed stems to weave her nest, and we finally have a decent amount of milkweed growing, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

These were shot through a screen so they're a bit fuzzy.

I am off to the East Tawas Birding Festival (see right hand side bar). I am quite excited, hoping to meet bunches of birders as well as Don and Lillian Stokes who will be speaking at dinner Friday night. I also hope to come back with some great bird photos and stories to share!

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