Thursday, June 17, 2010

Solitary Loon

As we drove down the dirt road we kept an eye out for anything of interest. Not too long after leaving the observation tower, someone yelled out "Loon!" There on Grebe Lake, around 50 feet or so off the shore, was a single loon, fishing in the shallows. I waited for it to dive and scrambled down the short bank, ready when it popped back up.

It dove again, and I could see a trail of bubbles on the surface, giving away its under water route. You can see some of the bubble trail in the foreground. When it came back up it had a mouth full of weeds.

It dunked its head, and revealed a fish.

Another dunk and the fish was gone, consumed, I imagine.

After a minute or so swimming around in front of me, the loon dove again and began working its way along the shore, moving farther away. I decided not to follow. What a treat to be so close to such a striking animal.

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  1. Beautiful!!! How wonderful to be so close. I'd love to see one up close one of these days...