Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Just a quick post before I am off to the great north woods. OK, not so far north and maybe not so great, but I'm going north and there are woods. We are headed back up to the Rifle River Rec Area (see my posts from last August/September) to look for loons with babies and do a little hiking. Here's hoping the weather cooperates.

I have finished two more pieces in the past few weeks, little 6x9's of two of my favorite birds.

First, the Red-breasted nuthatch, a winter resident for us. Small and quick, getting good shots of one can be quite a challenge. This one was hanging on a suet feeder but I put him on a black cherry for aesthetics.

Next a Black-capped chickadee, one of our year-round residents. What's not to love about the chickadee? Cute, gregarious, and personable, they will come up and take seeds from your hand, if you're patient enough. This bird was on our balcony a few years ago--this is not the bird from the Shiawassee NWR. I already had this piece set up and ready to go when I got the shots of the other bird.

So be well, ya'll, and hopefully next time I'll have fuzzy loon chicks to show you!

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