Friday, January 16, 2009

I wanted to take a moment to talk about my latest piece and post an in-progress photo of it. It is as yet untitled, but it is of an Amur (formerly Siberian) tiger. My latest works have been in colored pencil with ink, but they've all been birds. This will be my first mammal in these mediums and I'm excited about how it's turning out. This also signals a return to my first love as far as my wildlife art goes--big cats. There is an intelligence in the eyes of predatory animals that I feel brings about a closeness, a feeling of connectedness--we relate to them, as we too, at the base of our nature, are predators, the top of our food chain. It is why it is so important to get the eyes right, why I start with them and if they don't work I start over. It establishes a connection, and I think that many of us, whether we realize it consciously or not, crave that connection with nature and wildness.

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