Saturday, January 24, 2009

Here is another post of the tiger in progress. This piece is coming along nicely and this is a good image to show the progression. I generally complete an area before moving on to another rather than working the whole piece at once, and here you can see the area under the chin roughed in and ready for darkening and detail. The nose is outlined in pen and is ready for color as well, then on to the rest of the face.
I have been reading a book I picked up at a little shop in Brighton called Wildernest, a place to get bird seed and gifts which also has a nice little selection of books. I was struck instantly by the cover (a close-up of a mountain lion) and after reading the back decided to buy it. Now Mr. Turner holds some views that I don't exactly agree with but several that I do, and even though I take issue with some of his beliefs I still find his essays compelling. I will discuss this book more in a future post. Why I mention it at all is that I think it has given me the title to this piece. He quotes William Blake in the sub-title to his second essay. The quote reads: "The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction." It is a compelling statement and a brash essay follows, one that he aptly calls "a rant." But from the quote I have found the name for this piece: Tiger Wise

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