Monday, April 11, 2016

Artwork--Green-winged Teal

The primary purpose of my photography is to get subject matter for my artwork. While I will always love shooting landscapes and close-ups of flowers and things, I no longer promote my photography on a professional level. 

When I'm out shooting subject matter, I usually have to go home and sort through dozens, if not hundreds, of photos, looking for one I like. Sometimes I have to use multiple images to get the composition I want. But then there are the times when I know as soon as I release the shutter that I've got an image I want to draw. The Greem-winged Teal was one of those times. 

Taken down on Galviston Island in Texas, while I was in the area for a show, I knew right away it would become a drawing. I was excited just to see the teal so close. My only previous view of one was from at least a hundred yards away. So to see it in this little pond was great, but to get shots of it doing something--even if that was just taking a bath--well, that was even better. 

It took me two years to do the piece because I was stymied by how to do the water. But now that I've started using the stippling to do most of my backgrounds and foregrounds, I decided it was time for a duck!

                 "Splash Splash," colored pencil and ink, 14 x 11, framed to 20 x 16. $950

Not long after finishing the piece I was contacted by Steve S. With the Ohio Decoy Carvers and Collectors Association to see if I was interested in participating in their show in March. I had a prior commitment, but he told me that they have a flat art competition as well, and the winner's artwork becomes the following years' logo for the show. Funny how I'd just finished my first waterfowl! I entered the piece and came in third behind two duck stamp winners. Not too shabby!

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