Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Isle Royale...Some Day!

I have been back from my AMAZING trip to Isle Royale National Park for nearly two weeks now, and I have not had any time to look through my photos or even think about writing about this trip. I am in the heart of art show season, and the growing/fixing season, and on top of that I am working on the edit of Lori's third Holly Wild book, Packing for the Porkies. I just don't see me writing about Isle Royale much before mid-July. To make matters worse, we leave August 2nd for a trip out west, to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. If I don't get it done by then I don't know when I will!

The Ranger III, or "Barf Barge", the National Park's boat to Isle Royale. Taken with my iPhone.

But I am itching to get it done, so I will do my best to at least start sorting through the nearly 1000 photos I took next week.  Have a fun Fourth of July!

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