Thursday, May 2, 2013

Busy, Busy House Wren

There is much activity around our house these days, and it's not just of the human kind. Gardening, landscaping, general after-winter clean up and the start of the art fair season have got us hopping. But the birds are busy too, staking their claim to tree and nest box. Among the most vocal of these is the house wren. The name-sake of my blog, (although my header shows a Carolina wren), I adore this little bird. It's a good thing, because we have three of them staking claims over three of our five nest boxes.

Walking the dogs the other day I came across a male who had a female visitor checking out his digs. He flew in with twigs while she chattered and hopped around. I went back out with my camera a short while later but she was gone, leaving him to sing and dash about from branch to branch. He eventually settled down with an ant snack.

House wren with ant.

I  moved around to the front of the house where another wren was busy stocking his next box with twigs.

He was tireless, bringing stick after stick and shoving them into the opening.

He seems to have a bit of an issue with spacial relations....

I was impressed with his energy.

I sat and watched him for 10 minutes or so, then went back to work myself.


  1. WOW--Marie, you live in such a great spot. So many birds. When I used to live out on the farm, with lots of space, I had nesting boxes and blue bird boxes and all sorts of feeding stations. Where I live now--I'm just lucky there is enough room to have my own nest! Enjoy it all!!!

    1. Indeed, I thank my lucky stars every day. We have heard a lot of birds singing here this spring, including the Carolina wren, who we have not had nesting around before. Bluebirds and tree swallows too. We'll have to see if they can out-compete the house wrens!