Thursday, February 21, 2013

Palm Warbler in the Backyard

I have to back up for a moment, to before our walk at Ulumay. I was sitting on the back deck talking with my grandma while my mother took a nap. As we chatted I noticed movement in the live oak behind Andree. My mind immediately left the conversation as my eyes focused in on the little bird. What is that? I wondered. Not something familiar, and that was my cue to grab my camera.

Had to look up this little lady in Sibley's--a female palm warbler.

 I followed the little palm warbler through the branches as she looked carefully for insects.

Such a trim little bill, perfect for plucking bugs from tiny places.

Unlike the osprey, who nabs a big meal then eats at its leisure, these little birds have to work constantly to eat enough of their tiny prey to make a meal. I watched as she stretched out to reach ant?


What a treat to have her right there in the backyard. 

Up next: morning on the beach

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