Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

Every single day I thank the powers that be for the gifts that I have been given; good health, great friends, a keen eye and steady hand, a roof over my head and food on my table.

I am thankful too for sunrises from the home of a good friend,

 lots and lots of tomatoes from our garden,

and trees that look like mammoths.

 I am thankful for beautiful, happy chickens,

  beautiful places,

and beautiful sentiments left by a stranger in the sand.

I am thankful for Oscar, who showed up out of the blue one August evening a hungry little kitten, and who has become my near-constant companion.


He helps with all sorts of chores, like window washing,


paper shredding,

and plumbing.

I am thankful for Louis, my little man, the most handsomest cat I've ever known,

who has absurdly large, many-toed feet,

and who likes to watch videos on the computer.

But I am most thankful for the two beautiful women in my life, who enrich me and inspire me:

Lisa, who took full-time work this summer so that I could keep pursuing my dreams,

and Lori, forever child-like, always awed and excited by the wonders of the world, who teaches me so much.

They are my best friends, my partners and my companions.

We explore and experience the world together.

Thank you, my fellow Bear Girls. I can't imagine any of this without you.


  1. oh my gosh, this is so sweet! What a great post Marie! Thank you for all the stories you share on your blog.

    1. Thanks Heidi! And thanks for reading. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Beautiful post on a special day. And I love your crane post. We see giant flocks of tundra swans now on the Mississippi. The sandhills in Nebraska are a wonderful sight as well. We saw them many times on the way to visiting the grandchildren in Colorado...:)

    1. I am thrilled you've been able to experience some of these migrations--they are really quite a sight!

  3. Enjoyed your post! Love your cats! I had three--Spud & Boo, who had to be put to sleep within the last year & half. I have my dog, and a cat named Punkin -- who also is a polydactyl or Hemingway cat! She has extra toes on front & back feet. Front feet look like mittens.

    1. When we got Louis he was de-clawed in the front. He has a huge "thumb" or dew claw, which is how he got his name. His front feet look like boxing gloves, so we named him after Joe Louis, the boxer from Detroit. Our vet thinks he had an extra toe on his front feet too that were removed when he was de-clawed. When he is standing up his "thumbs" actually touch the ground!