Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sandhill Cranes at Kensington Metropark

Near the Nature Center at Kensington Metropark a breeding pair of sandhill cranes has taken up residence. For the past five or six years these two have raised a brood each year, usually rearing two colts.

By late August this year, the colts were close to being full grown, the color of their plumage the only obvious indicator that they were immature birds.

Sandhill crane colt on left.

Note the lack of the red head and the still pinkish bill on the youngster on the left.

Because these birds have taken up residence so near a busy trail network, they are quite tame and one can get very close to them. I have never known them to act aggressively or even look uncomfortable in the presence of people. This of course provides me with an opportunity to get some great close ups!


  1. What a great opportunity to photograph these lovely birds! Looks like you are enjoying your camera!

    1. Indeed! Cranes are one of my favorite subjects, and to be able to get so close to them is a special treat.