Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chestnut-sided Warbler at Sand Point Marsh

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One of the reasons I wanted to walk the Sand Point Marsh trail is that I knew there would be birds there. Sure enough, one of the info signs talked about the various birds that could be found at the marsh, including the Marsh wren. I'd never seen one so we spent some time hanging out at a boardwalk overlook of one of the wetter areas but did not see any wrens. We did see Eastern kingbirds (I think!) hanging out in a ragged old white pine. (This is also where we saw the American restart from the last post.)

Pair of kingbirds, one right, one left of the trunk.

The trail moved through some woods of cedar, pine and spruce, then the boardwalk picked up again as the trail cut across the marsh. I could hear twittering in the shrubs so I stopped and waited to see who was about. I didn't know what it was when I first saw it, but finally figured out it was a Chestnut-sided warbler!

Playing peek-a-boo

I saw some of these at Tawas Point last year, hopping around in the canopy directly overhead, but did not manage to get very good shots of it. I hoped this one would move closer. I followed him through the cedars but he kept his distance.

The girls were waiting for me so I followed along. It was not long though before we heard a distinctly warbler-esque song very near the trail. We crept around a corner to find another Chestnut-sided warbler singing from the top of a cedar! I was really afraid he was going to fly off as we approached but he couldn't have cared less about our presence.

Again I wished I had my tripod, but it was a bright enough day and I was able to hold still and get some shots.

The blue background looks like clear sky but it is in fact a storm that just skirted us. Thunder rumbled but we stayed dry. The warbler sang and surveyed his territory from his lofty perch.

Next: more marsh finds!

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