Friday, December 16, 2011

American Kestrel

I cannot resist birds of prey.  Striking, bold and intelligent, I find their watchful ways captivating and endearing. 

This little American Kestrel is a ward of the Howell Nature Center.  Suffering from a damaged wing and no longer able to fly he serves as an educator and entertainer for kids of all ages, including me.  Puffed up against the cold he looked twice his normal size.

The light this day was just wonderful if a little bright. 

While I watched he fanned out his tail feathers and stretched and wiggled.

I love the lines in this shot.  I may find another photo with his head in a similar position and draw this one.

What a poser!

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  1. Hello there! I've got the same feeling about birds of prey. I cannot resist them and I can watch them for hours and hours. What a proud and beautiful kestrel!