Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Holly Wild: Bamboozled on Beaver Island

I've got to give a quick shout out to my partner Lori Taylor for the publication of her new book Holly Wild: Bamboozled on Beaver Island.  This is a very funny story about three kids and their adventures on Beaver Island.  Lori wrote and illustrated the book, and Lisa and I edited and offered constructive criticism.  We even created a subsidiary to Bear Track Studios to publish this and the rest of the Holly Wild series called Bear Track Press.  Who knows, maybe I'll put a book together some day!

Aimed at getting kids of all ages outdoors and into explorer mode, the book is available at www.beartrackstudiosllc.com/bear_track_press.  We will be offering school presentations as well as promoting the book at Michigan festivals and getting it into local bookstores.

Go on, now, get out there and poke it with a stick!

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