Friday, July 23, 2010

Baldhead River

After a vigorous downhill climb we emerged on the shore of Lake Superior. The gray-green water looked chilly, but at least the fog had lifted somewhat.

Wave-rounded stones covered the shore, making walking difficult.

We found a spot on the banks of the Baldhead River, down the side of a stone dune, to sit and have lunch, while the wind gusted above our heads. After lunch we continued down the trail, which runs along the right bank of the river.

With all the spectacular scenery it's easy to miss the little things.

We came upon an area where a short side trail led to an area of small waterfalls.

Trying to hand-hold my camera using a slow enough shutter speed to blur the water was a challenge. I had left my three pound tripod in the car, so I had to squat, elbows on knees, and hold my breath.

Every time I'm in Superior Country I am amazed at the resiliency of the plant life. My apologies, but I have not yet identified this plant.

Hair bells make the most of thin soil collected in a crack.

I had been checking out an eight foot deep crevasse under the cliff along the river, and as I turned to leave I noticed a rank smell, not unlike mouldering cow manure. I thought, huh, that's odd, there aren't any cows here, then stopped in my tracks. BEAR, some primal part of my brain hollered. I turned around and peered into the dank darkness, then got the heck out of there!

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