Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Artwork--White-breasted Nuthatch

After a spectacular show in Indianapolis I have been working my tail off to get some new pieces done. I am hoping for two before my show this weekend in East Lansing, but I may not get there. We'll see.

I have gobs and oodles of images of birds--some from my backyard, some from up north, many from Florida. It is difficult to choose which ones to do first. I picked the white-breasted nuthatch because it's one of my favorites and because I thought I could do this particular piece fairly quickly. I have others of this bird I want to do but they'll have to wait until I am not so crunched for time!


  1. OMG...the eyes have it! Good luck with your show. Great there's so much forward motion (success) for you...hard work pays off!!

  2. Hej there! What an excellent drawing. The bird looks alive!
    Best wishes

  3. Thanks ladies! It gets to see its first show this weekend in East Lansing.