Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

To celebrate Earth Day Lori and I took a walk in the woods, armed with trash bags and a camera. We were in search of this villain, a nasty little invasive plant called garlic mustard. This one is tiny, but it can do a great deal of damage to a forest. Growing as tall as four feet, one plant can spread tens of thousands of seeds. If not controlled it can crowd out native species in a number of years.

So every spring we go out to a very special place in the woods near our home and pull garlic mustard. This is a place where there is something worth saving, like Jack-in-the-pulpit,

blue violets,


and miterwort.

Marsh marigold,

scouring rush,

and the queen of the forest, large-flowered trillium.

Then there's wood anemone,

round-lobed hepatica,

maidenhair and

interrupted ferns.

We also do it for little frogs who peep in the spring.

For everyone who works to save what matters, Happy Earth Day.


  1. simply gorgeous! i'm heading back there with my oil pastels...before it gets toooo green :)

  2. Marie, I learn so much from your photos. The maidenhead looks like a red seahorse; the scouring rush looks exactly that (reminds me to empty the dishwasher)...and the marsh photo is fabulous. Thank you, thank you!