Saturday, June 20, 2009

After having lived in Pinckney for nearly three years, I have finally planted a flower garden. I think it took me that long to finally settle in, to feel a part of this place, and to have some idea of what I wanted to do with it. Being a little bit selfish, I started with my studio.

Hope the deer don't eat these!

There were bird houses all around the property when we moved in, nailed to trees, but one by one they've getting soft and falling off. This one I shored up with a few nail and attached it to the side of my studio, and am happy to report a family of wrens has moved in. Now I get to hear dad ramble the whole time I work! I need to make some new nest boxes for next year.

Mom at the nest box.

Butterflies are starting to emerge in great numbers. These little fellows--I believe they're some kind of skipper--have been all over the sage flowers, but this photo of one on a grass stem turned out better than the others. I've seen swallowtails and fritillaries, but didn't have a camera handy.

Along the back trail I saw some pine bows moving and stopped to see who would emerge. This pretty little lady finally showed herself, mouthful of insects and worms for her babes.
And while we all love the grandeur of a beautiful landscape, sometimes it's the smallest things that can bring the greatest wonder.

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